Top 10 Most Successful Nepali Movies

10 Most Successful Nepali Movies

Spending time on watching movies is the best way to use your leisure time. If you are a fan of Nepali Movies, here are the best Nepali movies of these times. The Nepalese film industry is evolving like the mainstream industry, gaining popularity among all age groups, especially young people. Today, we have come up with the list of some popular and successful Nepali Movie that must be watched once if you are the fan of Nepali movies.

Best entertainment and successful Nepali movies are listed below:

1. Kohinoor

New Nepali film Kohinoor was released all over Nepal on 8th August. The film presents action and romantic sequences in the movie. Late actor Shree Krishna Shrestha has produced this movie whereas directed by Akash Adhikari. The film is a love story along with the message for a social awareness of illegal trafficking in girls. The film is shot in Nepal and also in India. In India, the film is shot in locations in Mumbai and Goa. The film also has action and romantic sequences shown in the film.

2. Kalo Pothi / The Black Hen

kalo pothi

The Kalo Pothi(The Black Hen) is a 2015 Nepali drama film directed by Min Bahadur Bham. The film tells the story of two friends, Prakash and Kiran, who are looking for their missing hen. Prakash and Kiran, two inseparable friends, although they belong to different castes, they both decide to raise a hen to make money by selling their eggs. But one day, the hen goes missing. To find it, they embark on a journey, innocently unaware of the dangers arising from the fragile ceasefire of the civil war that swings the region. They draw strength from their friendship, summoning the hope and determination necessary to bring the black hen home.

3. Kusume Rumal

kusume Rumal

In 1985 the most popular romantic movie Kusume Rumal directed by Tulsi Ghimire . This movie is a love story of two collegemates Amar and Suniti. It also features Arjun as lover of Suniti. The film depicting the difficulties in the love relationship between a poor and a rich person. The movie was the first Nepali movie to spend 25 weeks in the box office top ten list and the first actual blockbuster.

4. Chino

The most successful Nepali film Chino directed by Tulsi Ghimire. One of the famous songs Mohani Lagla Hai (sung by Narayan Gopal and Asha Bhosle) from the film has become very popular and on top of the charts for several months. The story of the film is more or less typical of the Nepalese films of that period. A happy family is destroyed by a villain, the father is killed and children are lost while their mother goes around looking for them. The two brothers, separated from birth, gradually come together as the events in the films take place and the family reunites.

5. Prem Geet

Prem Geet

Prem Geet is a romantic movie of 2016 directed by Sudarshan Thapa in Nepal. The film is produced by Santosh Sen and presents Pooja Sharma and Pradeep Khadka in leading roles. The story begins when Prem (Pradeep Khadka) and Geet (Pooja Sharma) meet on the road to Kagbeni. Geet escaped from home because of his grandmother’s continued insistence on getting married. Prem was traveling because of his personal actions but was too pressed to marry. Both falsify their marriage to get rid of the continued insistence, but eventually fall in love then. But their fake marriage creates problems and eventually they separate. Both try to convince their parents but fail leading the film towards a tragic ending.

6. Nai Nabhannu La 2

Nai Na Vannu La 2

Nai Nabhannu la 2 is about a beautiful story of an unpredictable life, emotions, love and dreams presented through the cute love story of two young kids. a boy and a girl studying in the 3rd Standard with heart touching and melodious songs. The movie is all about the innocence and the cuteness of the love story of the two kids – Shisir and Ritu played by Anubhav Regmi and Sugyani Bhattarai respectively. Shisir has a dream of becoming a sensational singer and musician like Narayan Gopal.  In this movie one of the best Heart touching song is “Marne Kasailai rahar hudaina”, melodious songs like “Yi Aankhama Timi Chheu” and “Feri Feri Feri Nai Nabhanu La”. The story, music, presentation and the acting of child actors can easily steal anyone’s heart, so this movie is much recommended to watch.

7. Dreams

Dream Movie

The film is produced by Bhuwan K.C and directed by Diwakar Bhattarai. The story begins when Aveer sees Kavya gracefully dancing in a bar club. Aveer and his friends drink in a bar club. Aveer sees Kavya dance gracefully, so he tries to flirt with her. But little did he know, she is not the kind of girl who is easily courted. They both meet several times, followed by words of hatred and repulsion towards each other. Surprisingly, their hatred turns into love. One day, Aveer had a dream where Kavya dies in a car accident. He said that his dreams always come true. Unfortunately, dreams come true. It was the same place where Aveer had seen the car accident in his mysterious dream. Aveer understands this, and when Kavya crosses the road, Aveer sacrifices his life and saves her from an accident. The death of Aveer takes place on Kavya’s birthday. The film ends in a scene in which Kavya sings a song in the crowd, which was her dream.

8. Chhakka Panja

Chakka panja Film

Chhakka Panja is a 2016 Nepalese dark comedy-drama film directed and produced by Deepa Shree Niraula.  The movie is a comedy as well as the informative movie. The story is based on the young generation that is occupying the Gulf countries for work. The role of Deepakraj Giri and Priyanka Karki plays the main role in the film. The title of the film Song Purba Pachhim Rail by Rajan Raj Shiwakoti and Anju Panta was for a long time the public choice. Watch Chhakka Panja.

9. Pashupati Prasad

Pashupati Prasad

The film is about a man fighting in the city to satisfy his father’s desire. It meets with the different characters of the city. Some of them love it; some of them appreciate his kindness and some of them love to drive him away at all times. The film is a sentimental film that amazes the audience at the end of the film. The role of Khagendra Lamichhane (protagonist of the film) is highly appreciated by the public. The film has won many national awards.

10. Woda Number 6

Ward No 6 Movie

The film talks about the past history of Nepal. How people have been affected because of the wet revolution. History surrounds the village of Nuwakot and reflects society with the terms of the cast, disputes and many terms. The film was great and must look.