The largest dog meat slaughter house shut down in Korea

South Korea has closed its largest dog meat slaughterhouse where animals were electrocuted in a ‘landmark moment’ for campaigners.

The Taepyeong-dong complex in Seongnam city, south of Seoul, was a major provider for dog meat restaurants across the country and housed at least six slaughterhouses that could hold Hundreds of thousands of dogs, which were killed each year and later sold for meat. Animals were butchered before being place in de-haring machines.

Five out of Six slaughterhouses will be bulldozed immediately. The cages inside the sixth building will be destroyed and equipment removed so that it is no longer operational.

Dogs were electrocuted before being butchered in the sight of other caged animals at the complex, Humane Society International said.  Activists reported seeing horrifying scenes at the slaughterhouse, including a number of empty wire pens that would have held hundreds of dogs, as well as the electrocution equipment used to kill them and a de-haring machine. They also reported seeing a pile of dead dogs abandoned on the floor.

A dog meat campaigner said: “It was incredibly moving for me to be a part of the historic closure of this notorious dog slaughter house.

‘I shudder to think how many millions of beautiful dogs will have met their horrific fate at this place over the years. We are pleased to bulldoze the stain which was there on the city of Seongnam.

“This really feels like an historical event in the demise of the dog meat industry in South Korea, and sends the clear message that the dog meat industry is increasingly unwelcome in Korean society.”

Taepyeong comprises six individual slaughterhouses. It is notorious for supplying huge amounts of dog bodies to Moran traditional market, which was once the largest dog meat market in South Korea, but recently the popularity of dog meat has decreased due to efforts by local authorities, the activist added.

About one million dogs are eaten a year in South Korea, However popularity of dog meat in the country has continued to decline.

A survey found 70 percent of South Koreans say they will not eat dogs in future.

Currently, there are no laws on how to treat or slaughter canines for meat in South Korea.

Following the closure of the warehouse, the council intends to transform into a public park, the HSI statement said