Rupee 1 Note Is Back After 20 Years, Here That Things What You Can Buy With Revived Note

One rupee notes are all set to come back into circulation as the government has decided to restart printing the currency after more than two decades.As things grew more expensive, the Re 1 note began being phased out of circulation simply because you couldn’t buy much with it. From a time when you could buy up to 5 kg of sugar or 3.5 kg of rice with a Rupee note. Here is a list of things you can actually buy with a Re 1 note:

1. Toffees and chewing gums

2. Gutka
3. A dosa (apparently in one particular restaurant in Bengaluru!)

4. Curses (from the beggar who you gave Re 1)

5. Matchbox and candles

6. Needle

7. Chik shampoo

8. Photocopy

9. Sulabh Shauchalya

10. Post-card