Prince Harry and Meghan moving out of Kensington Palace

Meghan and Harry are moving out of Kensington palace into Frogmore Cottage in early 2019, in anticipation of their first child. Kensington Palace has confirmed, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will move into Windsor Castle’s 10-bedroom Frogmore Cottage, located about 30 miles west of London. Windsor is a “Special Place” for the couple. It is the same location at which the royals hosted their private wedding party, and also where they had their engagement photos taken.

This move would also allow Meghan’s mother Doria Ragland, who has just moved to the UK, to join them, and there would be room for a live-in nanny.

It is believed Doria will stay with the Sussexes on a regular basis when she comes to visit her new grandchild.

The couple have been living at Kensington Palace in London near Prince Harry’s brother, William, the Duke of Cambridge and his family, but that two-bedroom home was never likely to be a long-term residence especially once they had children. The Queen has gifted the parents-to-be with the cottage and they expect to be settled in before the arrival of their baby in early 2019.

Windsor Castle is one of Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite homes and she is known to prefer the castle and its environs to Buckingham Palace. It is surrounded by horse country where she used to ride frequently in her younger days.

Frogmore Cottage is divided into five units which have previously been used to house members of the royal staff, however it will now be transformed back into its former 10-room glory and it also will require significant security upgrades in order to safely house The Duke and Duchess as it has previously been very easily accessible to the public.

It will also feature a space for a personal gym, a yoga studio, and of course nursery for the incoming royal baby.

The cottage and house were called Frogmore because of the many frogs that resided in the marshy area near the River Thames.

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