Lover’s Remains served as Dish to Workers

A Moroccan woman, who has not been named, killed her boyfriend, then butchered and cooked his body and served his remains to UAE workers working near her house in a traditional rice and meat dish known as machboos, a dish similar to biryiani. She then threw the rest of the remains to the dogs in the neighborhood.

A source said the woman confessed to chopping her lover’s remain after seven years of financial support to him,  he told her of his plans to marry another woman from their country.

According to reports, the man was killed three months ago, but the crime only came to light recently after the victim’s brother who lives in Ajman filed a missing-person report last January. The man’s brother went to the couple’s home and asked the accused about his brother, She said they broke up after she learned that the man was about to marry another woman.

He then found a human tooth inside the woman’s blender, giving rise to a suspicion of murder and then leading to the woman’s recent arrest.

The Al Ain Police said that a DNA test on the tooth confirmed that the tooth and the rest of the blender’s contents belonged to the victim. The woman initially denied the crime  but then confessed to the killing saying it was a moment of “insanity”.

During the police investigation, the woman said that after chopping her boyfriend’s body, she asked her friend to dispose of the body. She said that some of the flesh was minced in the blender then cooked and served as machboos to nearby workers.

The suspect said she wanted revenge on the man for dumping her after she had supported him financially for seven years.

Police say the woman will face trial after a full investigation is finished.