Brigadier Kuldeep: Hero of Longewala Battle 1971

Aged just 22, Major Chandpuri was given the responsibility of leading the 23rd battalion of the Punjab Regiment at the time of the 1971 battle.

On 5th December, when Pakistan attacked the Indian army, things were difficult to handle and yet Major Chandpuri had to face these situations. He fought with his 120 soldiers against 2000 Pakistani soldiers and had expelled them. He said, ‘We started the war so strongly that after the initial start, the Pakistani Soldiers decided to stop at some distance and fight the battle. That night was the night of the test’.

Brigadier Chandpuri continued to fill his troops until the reinforcement came so that he could fight the enemy. He continued to excite his soldiers by going from one bunker to another bunker.

Brig. Chandpuri had two options when he came to know about the move of the Pakistani army toward Longewala. Either he should be ready to face the situation and stand at the location where he was posted with his soldiers or leave it behind and go back. He decided not to withdraw from the front and remain located and face the tough challenge for the sake of his country.

After the battle got over Brig. Kuldeep Chandpuri was rewarded with Mahavir Chakra. According to Brigadier Chandpuri, the Indian Army is very brave, can face any challenge and compete in any situation with the enemies. It is now 46 years that the 1971 battle has completed.  We were not aware of the real life story of Brig. Kuldeep Chandpuri unless we saw the movie Border where Sunny Deol had played the role of Brig. Chnadpuri. We really salute him for his bravery.

Kuldeep Singh was born on 22 November 1940 in Gurjar family at Montgomery in Punjab. He came to native village Chandpur Roorkee, which is in Balachaur. He passed Graduation from Government College in Hoshiyarpur in 1962. He was an active member of the NCC and cleared the NCC examination.

Brig. Kuldeep Singh is the third generation officer in the Indian Army. His two uncles were pilot in the Indian Air Force. Brig. Chandpuri is the only child of his parents. He also fought the 1965 war in the western sector. He had also served in the United Nations Emergency Force at Gaza, Egypt.

Brig. Kuldeep will always be remembered and will inspire us. Because of true soldiers like him who put their lives on the border so that the people of the country can live with freedom and piece. They have sacrificed their lives for the sake of nation and its countrymen. We thank Brig. Kuldeep and his troop who without caring their lives saved the nation’s pride. We thank them with all our heart and congratulate their families.

All these soldiers deserve the nation’s praise because they protect the nation’s pride.

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