BenShot gives handguns to its employees for Christmas

BenShot, A company based in Wisconsin that specializes in making different types of drinking glasses with real bullets embedded in them, gave guns to its 16 full-time employees as a Christmas gift to its workers. Company wanted to provide a “memorable” present to its employees.

Ben Wolfgram, who co-owns the company along with his father, said that he chose to give his employees a firearm this Christmas season because first it was for the protection of the employees and the second was fun and memorable. To Ben, A gun is the perfect balance of safety and fun.

Employees have been given $ 500 on behalf of the company to buy guns. They can buy any gun under this price range. The co-owner of the company told that Some employees chose smaller firearms, while others picked larger ones, while some employees say they already have guns, so they will not buy it and were given gift cards instead. Some after buying guns had enough money left over to buy holsters and ammunition.

The company offered a handgun safety course to employees before they could  receive their gift. There are only 16 full-time employees in the company out of which, some are veterans and some had never fired a gun before.

The employees were excited and went home told wives and husbands, and not everyone believed them.

Wolfgram started the family business with his father three years ago as a way to spend more time with his retired father. Now, The company’s business has grown from that time to just 16 employees currently.