1.5 Kg of metal items pulled from woman stomach

According to the sources, Doctors removed 1.5kg of metal objects, including bracelets, rings and hair pins from the stomach of a mentally-ill woman after a surgery at the civil hospital, Ahmadabad.

The woman, is in her mid-40 and known as Sangita, was admitted to the hospital suffering from severe stomach pains.  Her stomach was found to be stone-hard.

Doctors performed a series of tests to see what might be behind her painful symptoms. Incredible X-ray images showed X-ray revealed several foreign objects like metal zippers, hairpins, copper rings and even safety pins inside her abdomen. The woman had consumed so much metal that one of the safety pins was dangerously protruding from her lung, prompting the doctors to operate upon her immediately.

After the operation which lasted for nearly three hours, iron nails, nuts and bolts, safety pins, U-pins, hair pins, bracelets, chains, mangalsutra, copper ring and bangles among other things were taken out of her, said the doctor of the hospital.

The doctors were also shocked by the presence of metal objects in such a large quantity in the female’s stomach and said, the condition was extremely rare and that the hospital only one case per year. This was the result of having been swallowed these different items over long period which caused the metal to build up and made her stomach hard.

The doctor said, Sangita was thought to be suffering from ‘acuphagia’, a rare disorder which causes the person to eat metallic objects.

Acuphagia is a category of the Pica condition. It is an eating disorder that is characterized by the desire to eat items with little or no nutritional value. These can include stones, sand, paint and dirt. This disease is usually found only in people with mental illness.

Mangalsutra was one of the items recovered in the procedure, a traditional necklace worn by married Hindu women. The patient was first admitted to a government run mental hospital and then from there she was brought to the civil hospital, Ahmadabad where the operation was performed.

According to the reports, she was found wandering in the city streets.

The woman hails from Shirdi in Maharashtra and the mental hospital authorities are trying to find her relatives, but have so far been unsuccessful.

Her condition is now stable though she has been kept under observation.