UP Government Gives Cash Rewards For Inter-Caste Marriages

Cash Rewards for inter caste marriage

Inter-caste marriage is still considered a taboo in India. Specially in northern region of India. A number of young couples has been killed on the fake name of honor and social responsibility. Uttar Pradesh government have shown real commitment towards this issue by announcing a cash reward of Rs.50,000/- for every newly wed couple. One person must belong from scheduled caste community. This is also an attempt to bring the scheduled caste community which considered socially disadvantaged.

Social activists and other social organization working in uplifting of scheduled caste have appreciated this move of the Uttar Pradesh government. It has also received criticism from hard liners of the region. This step will not change the public opinion overnight but its certainly a step forward.

On 8 Feb, 2015 8 couples have signed up and will be part of joint marriage ceremony in city of Meerut. The couple will also be provided with medal and certificate.