Two Killed In blast In Odisha’s Steel City

Two persons were killed in a blast inside a house at Bisra Road area in  Odisha’s Steel city this morning. One of the two killed has been identified as Dhawan Agarwal, a businessman, while efforts are on to identify the other deceased.

No one else was injured in the blast, which took place at about 11.05 am and was heard more than a kilometer away, sources said. But the roof of the house was blown off and all articles in the house destroyed in the blast, they added.

According to police sources a large quantity of gelatin sticks and detonators were found at the place, raising suspicion that it could be a case of illegal assembly of bomb making material for illegal mining or other criminal activities.”We have to verify that from where Agarwal procured the explosives and why was he keeping them there. He was not authorised to store the explosives and whatever we found were all illegal.