Sony SmartWatch 3 Review, Take A Look

Sony SmartWatch 3 is Sony’s third smartwatch and the company’s first Android Wear wearable.

The SmartWatch 3 has a soft, rubber strap which is flexible and comfortable to wear. It can be adjusted to fit all wrist sizes and the metal clasp makes it easy to wear.

Although the watch’s combined weight(with the strap) is close to 66grams, we didn’t experience any issues while wearing it for longer periods.

Sony SmartWatch 3 is dust and water resistant (IP68) and can withstand up to 4.9feet of water for 30 minutes.At a price of Rs 19,990, we feel the watch is slightly expensive especially when rivals like LG G Watch are available at highly discounted prices online.

Unlike the LG G Watch, this watch has a hardware button to put the watch to sleep mode or wake it up. Long pressing the button initiates the Settings menu. The metallic button has good tactile feedback. We feel it’s a good decision on Sony’s part even though the watch’s screen is touch enabled.

The watch runs Android Wear 5.0.1 Lollipop, the latest build of the OS. You can access the menu and navigate through the different apps and functions through the touch display or make use of voice commands (the watch has a microphone). The “Ok Google” command can help you give instructions to the watch to send text messages, set a reminder, check the weather, track your heart rate, open an app, control music or ask for directions.