Saif Ali Khan: Kareena Kapoor has not converted to Islam.

Some religious groups time and again targeted Kareena Kaapoor for being a Hindu got married to a Muslim, Saif Ali Khan. Ever since she married to Nawab Saif Ali Khan in October 2012, she has been looked down by some religious groups and recently, certain religious groups, have used her as the poster girl for ‘Love Jihad’. ‘Love Jihad’ is a controversial term given by religious outfits to a Muslim man marrying a Hindu woman.

Saif Ali Khan recently stood up for wife Kareena Kapoor Khan against VHP’s women’s wing for using her image for their ‘love jihad’ campaign on the cover of a magazine. The report quoted Saif as saying that people say Kareena has converted, but she has not. He went on to say that instead of making Kareena a target of some religious controversy, she should be treated with respect for the good things she has done for the nation in the form of her contribution to cinema and society and her work for women’s rights and health, the report further stated.

The 44-year-old star feels that Kareena should be known for her work more than anything else. “The country should be proud of Kareena’s contribution to cinema and society. She has worked for women’s rights and better health. She should be celebrated as a symbol of a strong, modern individual,” he adds.

Both Kareena and Saif do not believe in the concept of ‘Love Jihad’. Kareena during an interview said, “Saif has a very broad perspective and he also shared his perspective on ‘Love Jihad’ (via an open letter). He married a Hindu, which is me, and we had a civil marriage”.