PM Modi’s Special Message In Guestbook At Terracotta Army Museum In Xi’an, China

PM Narendra Modi “believes” that his three-day visit to China will deepen bilateral ties and create a milestone for the relations between developing countries in Asia and around the world. Stay with us for live updates.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi began his three-day visit to China with a visit to the iconic terracotta warriors historical site near Xi’an, ahead of his anticipated summit meeting with President Xi Jinping.

Officials told India Today that Modi spent an hour at the site, escorted by Shaanxi province governor Lou Qinjian. “Face to face with history”, tweeted Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson Vikas Swarup.

Modi’s entire programme in Xi’an revolves around his unique Presidential-style summit with Xi. No Indian PM has ever been accorded such a reception by a Chinese President: China usually adheres to strict protocol that equates Indian PMs with Chinese Premiers, who hold less power than the President who derives authority as General Secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC).