PM Modi Shocks Over Supporters Building Temple After His Name

Villagers of Kotharia in Gujarat’s Rajkot district on Thursday gave up plans to have a temple in honour of Narendra Modi, hours after the Prime Minister tweeted it was against India’s traditions.The villagers collected around Rs 4.5 lakh to build the temple including the idol which cost them Rs. 1.6 lakh.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had tweeted he was ‘appalled’ over news that there was a temple being built in his name.”Have seen the news about a Temple being built in my name. I was appalled. This is shocking & against India’s great traditions,” Modi tweeted on his official handle.

“Personally, it made me very sad. Would urge those doing it not to do it. If you have time and resources, please devote the same towards fulfilling our dream of a Clean India,” PM Modi said.

The opening ceremony scheduled for Sunday has now been cancelled and the villagers will now convert it into a temple for ‘Bharat Mata’.