Not Just Deepika, Ranveer Singh Too Suffered From Depression

On Monday (February 9), a report published in DNA quoted unnamed sources and said that the ‘Gunday’ actor like Deepika Padukone was suffering from depression for a long time, which was after the suicide of his childhood friend.

Ranveer Singh in his Facebook post said that the DNA report was ‘Appallingly unethical!’.

According to the DNA report, Ranveer Singh’s close friend had in one of his Facebook posts spoken about committing suicide but before Ranveer or any of the family member could help, his friend had shot himself. This had left a deep impact on the actor because of which he was suffering from ‘grief mixed with guilt’.

The report further suggested that Ranveer like his girlfriend Deepika met with a therapist and his condition is said to be better now.

In January this year, Deepika Padukone confessed to have suffered from depression that too at the peak of her career.