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Top 10 Most Successful Nepali Politicians

The Most Successful Nepali Politicians are listed below: Khadga Prasad Sharma Oli (KP Sharma Oli) KP Sharma Oli was born on 22 February 1952 in a family of Brahmins in Terathum. He was the eldest Child of Mohan Prasad and Madhumaya Oli. Oli began his studies at the Himalaya Higher Secondary School in the municipality

The Rock moves into Richmond mansion with 40,000 pounds equipment

The 46-year-old actor has moved into the Surrey mansion to film, Fast and the Furious spin-off movie Hobbs And Shaw. He made a superstar arrival in the UK as he reportedly hires the same Surrey home where Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie reportedly stayed in 2012. Dwayne Johnson is well-known for his incredibly ripped physique and

The largest dog meat slaughter house shut down in Korea

South Korea has closed its largest dog meat slaughterhouse where animals were electrocuted in a ‘landmark moment’ for campaigners. The Taepyeong-dong complex in Seongnam city, south of Seoul, was a major provider for dog meat restaurants across the country and housed at least six slaughterhouses that could hold Hundreds of thousands of dogs, which were killed

Chicago Skyscraper Drops 84 Floors before being rescued

An elevator inside Chicago’s former Hancock building dropped 84 floors with six terrified passengers inside.  Rescuers arrived shortly after the fall early Friday morning and it took three hours to rescue the victims, who were trapped with no food or water. Six people including a pregnant woman, got into the elevator early Friday after leaving a restaurant

Plastic Junk found in Dead Whale stomach

Indonesian authorities have discovered 115 cups, 2 flip-flops and much, much more in a dead whale. A dead whale that washed ashore had a large lump of plastic waste in its stomach, including drinking cups and flip-flops, a park official said Tuesday. This has caused concern among environmentalists and government officials in one of the world’s

1.5 Kg of metal items pulled from woman stomach

According to the sources, Doctors removed 1.5kg of metal objects, including bracelets, rings and hair pins from the stomach of a mentally-ill woman after a surgery at the civil hospital, Ahmadabad. The woman, is in her mid-40 and known as Sangita, was admitted to the hospital suffering from severe stomach pains.  Her stomach was found to

One killed, seven Injured as NC, clash of NCP cadres

One killed, seven Injured as NC, clash of NCP cadre The police inspect the site of a violent confrontation between the Nepali Congress and the NCP cadres in the rural municipality of Ramnagar, Sarlahi, Tuesday, October 30, 2018. Ramnagar, October 30 A member of the Nepali Congress was shot dead and seven others were injured

Top 10 Most Successful Nepali Movies

10 Most Successful Nepali Movies Spending time on watching movies is the best way to use your leisure time. If you are a fan of Nepali Movies, here are the best Nepali movies of these times. The Nepalese film industry is evolving like the mainstream industry, gaining popularity among all age groups, especially young people.


Mysterious murder of old woman near Pokhara

POKHARA: On Monday a woman was found dead in the rural community of Machhapuchhre-8 in the Kaski district. According to the police, 79-year-old Kaushila Gurung was found dead in her room on Monday afternoon. After preliminary investigations, police found that Gurung was hit with a stone Sunday night, police superintendent (SP) and police chief Kaski