MSG’ Review, Like A Splitting Headache For Test Your Patience

The much controversial hindi movie MSG released in theatres today. MSG, formerly known as Messenger Of God and now retitled as The Messenger (one of the options for the title indeed was “MSG The Son Of God”), might be a theatrical release but this can, by no means, be called a piece of cinema.

A whopping 197 minutes long, this is a poorly assembled, terrifically tacky and tremendously ill-conceived showcase for a self-styled spiritual leader — self-styled because no costume designer in the world could match up to this man.

Koi kehta hai sant, koi kehta hai farishta, koi kehta hai guru, koi kehta hai bhagwaan, par hum toh hai sirf ek Insaan!’ With this declaration, at which thunderous applause ensues amongst the genuflecting ‘bhakts’ in the tiny South Delhi auditorium, “Messenger Of God” starts ticking off his list

This film is literally a three hour long commercial of Guruji, his organisation and the “good deeds” he does for the greater good of people. Let’s just say, this venture is completely OPPOSITE of what Aamir Khan’s film PK preaches.

Its Not A Movie, So No Rating….