Major Break Throw: Gajendra Singh Who Suicide At AAP Rally, Was Drunk That Day

Gajendra Singh, the farmer from Rajasthan who committed suicide at an AAP rally at Jantar Mantar, was drunk at the time he hanged himself from a tree, his viscera report has established.

The initial report that has been submitted to the crime branch by a panel of doctors states that traces of alcohol has been found in the viscera sample of Gajendra Singh. The preliminary findings of the post-mortem, which was conducted on April 23, had stated that the death was caused due to hanging and fracture in the neck.

The finding has proved to be a very crucial link in the investigation as it establishes that Gajendra, under the influence of alcohol, may have slipped and fell from the tree, which eventually led to his death.

The Delhi high court had also criticised chief minister Arvind Kejriwal, who was present at the Kisan Rally in protest of the land bill, for calling Gajendra Singh a martyr and had asked them to file a reply as to why he was given the honour.

While the police blamed the crowd — AAP volunteers in particular — for encouraging and instigating Gajendra to commit suicide, there was also a theory suggesting that the death may have been accidental.

An eyewitness had told the police that the branch on which Gajendra rested his foot was not wide and he may have slipped from it, though he did not actually intend to commit suicide. The volunteers had also told the police that they tried to bring him down but he accidentally slipped and fell.

The video clips of that day show Gajendra climbing the tree after being provoked by a group of people. He is seen waving the broom in his hand and people standing below clapping and encouraging him.

He then ties his ‘gamcha’ around the tree making it into a noose and puts it into his neck and hang. The footage had started a debate on whether he hung himself or fell accidentally and why did the chief ministers and other AAP members did not stop him.