Google’s Gtalk Will Soon Going To be a History, From 16 Feb

From February 16, 2015, Google has decided to stop Google Talk app for Windows once and for all. All those who have got habitual to Gtalk will now have to say goodbye to the platform. Whether you like it or not, it is the time to switch to Hangout.

After Feb 16 2015 you WILL NOT be able to use Google Talk for making calls with GTALK2VOIP. Also your account WILL NOT work in Talkonaut application!

The search engine giant, Google, possibly sees its future in the Hangouts app. The indications about the shutting down of Gtalk platform are quite visible now as Google has already decided to cut support (security and version) for the desktop application.

Google has also mentioned that the IM service will be solely replaced by the Hangouts app, which can be used through its Chrome web browser.

Hangout in comparison to Gtalk is not liked by all the users, but with tablet-phone-PC becoming need of the hour, the change is bound to take place. As WhatsApp has moved into PC now, this makes Gtalk redundant, Google will hope to provide an engaging experience to Hangout users through the instant messaging, interactive and visually appealing experience.