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BenShot gives handguns to its employees for Christmas

BenShot gives handguns to its employees for Christmas

BenShot, A company based in Wisconsin that specializes in making different types of drinking glasses with real bullets embedded in them, gave guns to its 16 full-time employees as a Christmas gift to its workers. Company wanted to provide a “memorable” present to its employees. Ben Wolfgram, who co-owns the company along with his father, said

Fans of GOT must watch : Hindi version of title track by TVF

Famous HBO series ‘Game of Thrones’ has gaind popularity across the globe due to many reasons. All those reasons  and unique plot-lines have been  put together for a specia Hindi version ofthe iconic title track of the show by TVF Play. The video is adapt for every Indian fan of the fantasy drama series based

Captain Jack Sparrow’s Lookalike Spotted Pulling A Rickshaw In India

How would you react if your rickshaw puller turns out to be a  Jack Sparrow look- alike? Meynell Arora was surprised to find her rickshaw puller’s uncanny resemblance to the quirky pirate from the ‘Pirates of the Carribbean’. Ever since Arora posted the picture on her Facebook timeline, it has gone viral. The goatee, mustache