Dinosaur footprint found in Rajasthan

The footprints are found in Thaiyat, Jaiselmer and belong to the carnivore dinosaur, Pterosaurus or the flying dinosaur. The first footprint, which is about 5cm long, is left there by a small dinosaur and is called by a specific name i.e. Grallator. The second footprint is about 30cm long and must have been left by a much bigger dinosaur of 6-7 m long. Such tridactyl footprint is named Eubrontes giganteus.

These evidences clearly signify that dinosaurs once existed in the lands of Rajasthan about 150 million years ago. The 9th International Jurrasic Congress that was hosted by geologists of University of Rajasthan welcomed scientists from 32 countries. It apparently came out to be a huge success. The team will continue their research work further.