Different Ideas on Women’s Safety in BJP Leaders Like Bedi, Lekhi.

Kiran Bedi BJP’s chief ministerial candidate may have already announced a ‘comprehensive plan’ for women’s safety in the capital but her party doesn’t seem to have made up its mind on how to approach the problem.

On the other side its New Delhi MP, Meenakshi Lekhi, on Wednesday talked about her vision to make the city safe for women using smart and tech-centric strategies of urban designing. This comes after several recent poll surveys, including one by ET, found women safety was the top concern for voters.Lekhi’s plan, however, is slightly different: She said if BJP comes to power, the city could get “safety pillars” in subways and bus stands that are generally considered unsafe for women.

While other parties such as Congress and AAP have talked about their plans to deal with the problem, Kiran Bedi has time and again emphasized her ‘Six P strategy’ – involving people, politician, police, prosecution, prison and press. Bedi’s plan broadly includes building an army of civil defence by re-training and re-deploying defence volunteers across the city to ensure smart patrolling.

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