Delhi Elections 2015

Delhi Elections 2015

Delhi elections will be held on 7 Feb, 2015. This election will decide path of Delhi politics. There are surveys showing possibility of hung assembly again. If this happens its going to be big time chaos for delhi as Congress has already decide not to support Aam Admi Party this time.

BJP president Amit Shah and Narendra Modi himself have been campaigning in this elections. It also shows importance of Delhi for BJP. While on the other side Arvind Kejriwal have been giving his best in campaigns. So, far AAP seems to be leading the way in campaigns but its really difficult to predict results this time in Delhi.

Lets hope for clear mandate for any party this time in Delhi. This election will also decide the future of AAP and Arvind Kejriwal. Failure in this election would mean end of Kejiriwal and AAP in Indian Politics.

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