BJP`s Ad calls AAP Upadrawi Gotra

Kejriwal Upadrawi Gotra

AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal has reacted with anger about an ad calling aam admin party upadrawi gotra. AAP has taken this opportunity to attack BJP with both hands.

BJP has also reacted aggressively on this issue. They have reported to election commission that AAP is giving this election a racial or caste color. BJP leadership is also not in favor of negative campaigning. They have strongly communicated same to Delhi team after an ad showing Anna`s photo and Kejriwal`s family.

This election is diverting from issues like food inflation, electricity issues, water issues etc . Its turning out to be personal attack campaign from both sides. Congress has completely lost the plot this time as well. The results of election would show how much congress will benefit from this.

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