AAP Bursts On BJP Over First Page Ads While Election Campaign Ends

The Aam Aadmi Party on Friday took on BJP for its front page advertisement in various newspapers listing the achievements of the Narendra Modi government and asking people to vote for it in the Assembly polls on Saturday, saying it is violation of the model code of conduct.

“Today Delhi has seen that every paper has a front page advertisement given by BJP. In my opinion this is clear-cut violation of the EC guidelines and the model code of conduct,” AAP leader Ashutosh told reporters.

AAP leader Ashutosh asked the BJP to reveal the source of funding for such front-page ads.From where is the BJP getting money to publish such ads? If such ads are not allowed on TV, then why are they allowed in newspapers?

Responding to the allegations, BJP spokesperson GVL Narsimha said, “AAP’s claim that the advertisement is violation of poll code, I believe is ignorance from their side. Either they do not know about the law or Model Code of Conduct or they are making such statements deliberately to remain in news.”

“The ad just talks about the positive agenda of BJP which the party wants the public to know. There is no violation of any kind. Such ads can be given till the day of polling,” he added.