45 ISIS Militants Die After Breaking Fast During Iftar Having Poisoned Meal

About 45 ISIS Militants have allegedly been killed after eating Ramzan meal laced with poison. The incident took place in Mosul, Syria where about 145 ISIS militants sat down to break the fast during Iftar – the traditional meal when Muslims break their Ramzan fast during sunset.

It is unclear if the IS fighters were deliberately poisoned or died of food poisoning from the ‘iftar’ feast, Iraqi media reported, citing a spokesman for the Kurdish Democratic Party.

According to Liveleak.com, a young man doctored the iftar party where after eating the poisoned food 100 militants were sent to the hospital in a critical condition.

The incident took place in Wadi Hajar district which is the hub of militants and recently a lot of activities are going on to protest against the ISIS rule by the common masses. This area is under Takfiri ISIS militants rule since 2014. Lot of army soldiers have joined operations and have been retaliating against the militant rule.